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A brand new item in the fitness world– Buying SKY Jumping® fitness program, your fitness club will be one of the first in your city, which would certainly increase the interest for your clients, because people always seek something new, exciting and original.
Organization of presentations– We would gladly carry out a presentation of SKY Jumping® fitness program in your fitness club. If you have any questions concerning organization of presentations, please contact us at
Selection and training of instructors – We provide assistance in the selection of instructors as well as training sessions for licensed SKY Jumping® instructors in Eastern Europe.
SKY Jumping® in your fitness club – We provide information assistance concerning effective implementation of SKY Jumping® fitness program in your fitness club. Sharing secrets for a successful start as well as giving advices about training devices layout for your gym is our goal.

SKY Jumping®– take a leap towards your perfect body.

Walking and running are both good forms of physical activity, but jumping is even better. This is a conclusion that was made by Czech fitness instructors who had developed a brand new training program – fitness on a trampoline, or jumping.
Nowadays, this effective system entails a combination of cardio and strength training exercises on a trampoline with a special bar. Such workouts are very effective calorie burners that, consequently, promote weight loss as well as maintain good physical health and good mood.
SKY Jumping® fitness program is relatively new, despite the fact that it was developed 13 years ago. Ukraine joined the program only in 2012, but due to the impressive effectiveness of workouts on trampolines, SKY Jumping® stirred great interest among different groups of people: amateurs who want to be fit, as well as experienced fitness instructors. In the classic version workout lasts 55 minutes – half of the time is devoted to cardio, and about 20 minutes – to various strength training exercises as well as stretching.
Fitness on a trampoline in the best Ukrainian fitness clubs
Today we offer you not just to buy a trampoline with a support bar for your fitness club (or for individual workouts at home), but to become a professional instructor of the brand new program and to receive a respective international license.
Our team is happy to organize quality training of future instructors, as well as to help select the most suitable personnel for your fitness club, because fitness on a trampoline is a key to success in your fitness business. Our online store also offers a range of accompanying products, including the collection of exclusive clothes, designed specifically for this type of workouts. The collection includes branded T-shirts, pants, shorts, sports bras, caps and other sportswear and accessories that make working out on a trampoline even more comfortable and effective. We chose this approach because of the fact that jumping is not just another workout program aimed at burning calories and strengthening muscles. We feel confident enough to call jumping training program a lifestyle, which is based on the principles of health, dynamics and, of course, good mood and a sense of real freedom.

Fitness on a trampoline: the benefits of cooperation

Considering the growing popularity of such workouts, you can purchase a full program of SKY Jumping for your fitness club. Currently we are the only ones who can do exclusive distribution of SKY Jumping in Ukraine; this includes sale of all related products as well as providing excellent learning opportunities for those who wish to become licensed instructors.
Thus, you will not only be able to join the European Community (more than 250 large centers in Europe and the US), but you will also open up for your customers a brand new and revolutionary training system that will promote weight loss as well as help maintain good physical health. And this is perhaps the most important goal that every fitness center is trying to achieve. On a trampoline, even the easiest exercises have double impact.
Here’s a list of other benefits that cooperation with our team brings:
• Fast delivery all over the territory of Ukraine
• Performing vibrant and interesting presentations
• Great deals on trampolines in forms of special packs (“mini” and “start”)
• Putting your fitness club on our official website as one of the jumping centers
• We are ready to give detailed consultations concerning successful organization of fitness on a trampoline, as well as to provide you with video and give advice that would guarantee a successful start of this new fitness product in your fitness club.