phone: +38067 67 360 57


If you have any questions concerning cooperation, organization of SKY Jumping® instructor courses, or presentation of SKY Jumping® fitness program in your fitness club, please contact us at

We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Alex TsovkhNational Representative in Ukraine +38067 673 60 57
Andrew GorozhankinExclusive representative in Belarus and Russia
+749 93228828 / +3752 93310909
representative croppedLydia OrgNational Representative in Estonia
+3725 6824792


Andrey PetrukInternational Representative of TM SkyJumping +420 608 112 264

Katya-LashakovaCatherine LashakovaCoordinator of
educational training center.
Katherine TsovkhPresenter, SkyJumping school coordinator.

Luda RomanivPresenter, training school masterinstructor.

Julia GolovanovaPresenter, training school masterinstructor.

Elena Bartenev-gardenerPresenter, training school masterinstructor.

Olga StolyarPresenter, training school masterinstructor.