Батут с ручкой для фитнеса


SkyJumping® is a new revolutionary fitness program.

It’s exercising on round trampolines with special handle bars.

SkyJumping® is based on aerobic exercises. The workouts are created for people of various age groups. Unique exercises, upbeat tempo, motivational music are very effective for both an excellent mood and a calorie burn.

The main advantages of SkyJumping® are its safety and affordability. Trampoline amortizes, creating the effect of being gravity-free. This particular feature helps to unload joints and lower back, since these are usually the most problematic zones that suffer while performing various kinds of active exercises.

SKY Jumping® workout is a combination of cardio (35 minutes) and strength training exercises (20 minutes), together with exercises for better balance and flexibility.

Today SkyJumping® is more than 250 official centers in Europe and the United States, instructor courses worldwide and an exclusive collection of SkyJumping® clothes.

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