SkyJumping instructor course provides basic knowledge a fitness instructor needs to perform workout sessions on trampolines. During the course, new instructors learn about accident prevention, get answers to the most frequently asked questions, learn basic elements of SkyJumping program, learn how to create combinations of moves, as well as work on mistakes made by clients.

SkyJumping instructor course lasts for two days from 10:00 to 17:00 — as a rule, this is Saturday and Sunday. On the first day instructors cover the theoretical part, the master instructor performs a demonstration workout, then the group is studying the basic elements and their possible combinations, as well as the rules, which a certified SkyJumping instructor needs to follow. On the second day, the master instructor performs a more complex demonstration workout, the group continues to learn combinations of moves. The exam takes place in the second part of the second day, and each member of the group has to come up with a part of a workout session on the trampoline and to be in the role of a fitness instructor. Having passed the exam, all new certified SkyJumping instructors receive personal certifications. Those who have not passed the exam, have an opportunity to be trained again for free with the next group.

Fitness instructors who already have some experience conducting classes of aerobics and strength training are the ones who master SkyJumping program the fastest. The most important criterion for the instructor is the ability to hear music and have a healthy cardiovascular system.


In order to participate in the instructor course it is very important to bring sportswear and running shoes. It is prohibited to work out on SkyJumping trampolines in gymnastic footwear, canvas shoes or socks. Each course participant is issued a manual with photographs and descriptions of all basic elements.

The price of the instructor course for those clubs that already have SkyJumping is 100 Euro; for those clubs that still don’t have SkyJumping trampolines the price is 200 Euro. Also, instructors can be trained for free with the purchase of one of the packs – “Start” or “Mini”.

In order to sign up for the instructor course, at least one week prior to the course send an e-mail to and indicate first and last names of the instructor who would undergo training.