• What is a SkyJumping certificate?

The certificate of a licensed SkyJumping instructor indicates that the instructor has mastered the basic elements of SkyJumping program, is able to make combinations of basic elements, knows rules of accident prevention while working out on trampolines, is able to answer the most common questions from clients, and most importantly — has the right to conduct SkyJumping training sessions in any fitness club that has professional SkyJumping trampolines.


  • How long does the instructor course last?

The course lasts for 2 days from 10 am to 5 pm (if needed, the course might last longer). Usually the course takes place on Saturday and Sunday.

  • What happens when an instructor doesn’t pass the exam?

Instructor who hasn’t passed the exam can retake the SkyJumping course again for free.

  • Can an instructor lose a SkyJumping certificate?

If a national representative or a master instructor see safety violations or any other major SkyJumping program violation, the instructor loses SkyJumping certificate. This instructor has the right to undergo the training again and to retake the exam for free.


  • Who usually has the most problems with passing the exam?

Difficulties usually face those who can not hear the music or are not fit enough to be fitness instructors.


  • Who is teaching?

SkyJumping instructor course is taught by one of certified master instructors from the SkyJumping educational center.

  • Where and when does the course take place?

SkyJumping certified instructor course takes place in Lviv and Minsk.


Lviv, 43B Naukova Street, Kiwi Fitness Club


Minsk,  120 Pobediteley Avenue, Pride Fitness house


Minsk, Borovlyany, 106 Berezovaya Roshcha Street


Dates of the course are scheduled depending on the demand.