Working out on trampolines has been popular for several years among those who are seriously interested in an active lifestyle. In today’s fitness world not only new training schemes are developed, but also an extraordinary selection of sports equipment is available. New fitness trends make it impossible to exercise without proper equipment. SkyJumping mini trampolines belong to such trends. We suggest you try Sky Jumping as soon as possible in order to become more fit and to try something new and exciting.

                                          SkyJumping Trampoline with handle bar

  • Weight 10.2 kg
  • Diameter 1.2*1.3 m
  • Supports a person whose weight is up to 120 kg
  • Made in the Czech republic
  • 2 years warranty for the metal base; 1 year warranty for the cloth and elastic

Price 265€

Exercising on trampolines with small diameter has been used in fitness and rehabilitation for a long time. Fitness on the trampoline was used for the first time in NASA for the rehabilitation of astronauts who had returned from space. Trampoline is still used for the treatment of cerebral palsy, stimulation of lymphatic drainage system, because during even simple bounces on the trampoline all muscles of the human body are forced to periodically relax at the top of the jump (zero gravity) and to tighten at the bottom of the jump, while material is stretched to its limits. The effect on the human body is approximately the same as during horse riding.

This type of fitness became popular among fitness clubs in Europe and the United States only in the early 2000s. Anyone interested can buy a mini trampoline on our website, because our company is the exclusive importer of professional Czech trampolines in the EU and in post-Soviet countries. Many fitness clubs already gave SkyJumping trampolines their high praise.


You can purchase a small trampoline for working out at home. Exercises combined with dance moves allow you to completely forget about everyday worries and to plunge into the world of positive emotions and spectacular bounces that will bring not only pleasure, but also huge benefits for your body. By contacting us, you can always buy a professional SkyJumping® trampoline made in the Czech republic with a two-year warranty on the steel frame.

Legs and frame of the trampoline are a fully monolithic metal structure due to the fact that SkyJumping small trampoline is a professional equipment that is specially designed for everyday use under the weight of adult women and men (maximum load is 120 kg). The only removable element is handle bar that could be attached to the trampoline effortlessly. It is not very convenient to store this trampoline under a bed or in a standard wardrobe. Usually, such trampolines are stored in closets with hooks on the walls, in separate storage rooms, garages or on balconies. If you keep it on the balcony, make sure that it does not get wet from the rain, as the trampoline is made of metal – and in places where minor scratches might occur because of daily use, rust can also occur over time. In order to transport the trampoline in a car you must have roof rack or roof rails. The trampoline doesn’t fit inside the regular size car, even though it weighs only 10.2 kg.

Relatively high price is caused by the wide margin of resistance to damage and durability of the equipment. Parts for SkyJumping trampolines are made of materials that are designed for long hours of use in fitness clubs under the weight of adults. The cloth is made of special American wearproof material, which tends to stretch slightly when the load is maximum, thereby reducing pressure on the rubber-reinforced cable and ensuring its durability. Tips for trampoline legs are made of high quality rubber, which do not let the trampoline move during a workout and damage the floor in the gym. Rubber tips for trampoline legs have washers inside of them, which increase the area of ​​contact between the metal pipe and the rubber, therefore, significantly extending the life of trampoline legs. Modern design of the SkyJumping trampoline is the result of many years of cooperation between the production plant in the Czech Republic and our customers — fitness clubs all around the world that came to us with a warranty. Over the years, every warranty case was recorded and added to the database. At the moment, we already sell trampolines of the fifth generation; these trampolines have the best design and are made of top quality materials.

In the fitness world, there is a workout program called SkyJumping Kids — exercising on trampolines for children. The advantages of this type of fitness for children can not be overstated. Because of what I do I often witness the following situation: a child walks into a room with the trampoline, and sooner than you know it he/she is already jumping, holding on to the handle bar and smiling the whole time. Scientists proved long time ago that jumping on trampolines is very beneficial for the human body, but it is even better for children. Here is a short list of some benefits of jumping on the trampoline:

  • moderate engagement of absolutely all muscles in the human body;
  • relaxation of absolutely all muscles at the top of the jump;
  • stimulation of the lymphatic drainage system of the body;
  • positive emotions;
  • improvement of coordination and work of the vestibular system.

If you work out on a mini trampoline using SkyJumping program, the effectiveness of exercise increases significantly. For example, 10 minutes of jumping burns 150 calories or replaces three kilometers of jogging or 30 minutes of step aerobics.


How to order trampolines for fitness clubs?

For fitness centers it is advisable to buy a mini trampoline for group workouts. Although sometimes a mini trampoline is used as one of the stations during a circuit workout class. Group workouts under the guidance of a talented certified instructor give clients an opportunity to forget completely about everyday worries and to plunge into an entirely different, cheerful and inspiring world of SkyJumping. Licensed SkyJumping® instructors know almost all nuances of fitness on the trampoline, because only they have a right to give SkyJumping classes.

We offer Sky Jumping ® in various sets, and you can chose an option that is the most suitable for you:

  • SkyJumping pack “Mini”: you pay for 5 trampolines and get the sixth one + training of one instructor for free;
  • SkyJumping pack “Start”: you pay only for 9 trampolines, but get 11 trampolines + training of two instructors for free;
  • 1 SkyJumping trampoline;
  • Training of a certified SkyJumping instructor;
  • SkyJumping KIDS pack “Mini”;
  • SkyJumping KIDS pack “Start”;
  • 1 SkyJumping KIDS trampoline.

It is very important to create a general atmosphere of fun and drive during a workout session. In this case, your SkyJumping classes will be packed.

It is important to know that there are diseases incompatible with working out on mini trampolines SkyJumping, for example, coronary heart disease, high or low blood pressure, asthma, angina, arrhythmia. If your clients have any of these diseases, recommend them to consult with their doctor about whether they can enroll in such workout program.