Warranty period for SkyJumping trampolines is 2 years for the metal base and handle bar and 1 year for the cloth, rubber-reinforced cable and rubber tips of trampoline legs. Warranty period starts from the date of shipment from the supplier’s warehouse. For the warranty to be valid the following terms must be observed.

Service instructions for SkyJumping trampolines


  • In order to prevent rusting of the metal parts, SkyJumping trampolines can be used and stored only in premises with normal humidity — up to 60%.
  • SkyJumping trampoline needs to be assembled before being used, i.e. handle bar needs to be fastened to the trampoline.
  • Maximum weight of a person who works out on a SkyJumping trampoline cannot exceed 120kg.
  • Only a licensed SkyJumping instructor who uses a licensed SkyJumping program can conduct group workouts using SkyJumping trampolines
  • A person is allowed to step on the SkyJumping trampoline only in sport shoes (running shoes, sneakers).
  • It is strictly forbidden to touch the SkyJumping trampoline with any pointed or sharp objects.
  • SkyJumping workouts are strictly forbidden for people who have cardiovascular diseases; in case of other diseases always tell a client to consult with the doctor first.
  • Do not use SkyJumping trampolines in rooms where ceiling height is less than 2.6 m.
  • Clean SkyJumping trampolines only using water and a sponge. The usage of solvents and brushes is prohibited.
  • In case of defects the buyer is obliged to stop using the SkyJumping trampoline and to contact the dealer.

It is strictly forbidden to deform elements of the SkyJumping trampoline metal frame.