Benefits of SkyJumping®

People were created to jump…on SkyJumping® trampolines.

Bouncing on a trampoline is so good for the human body that while listing all benefits it might seem that it’s just too good to be true. How such simple and emotional movements can so effectively activate multiple functions of the human body?

There is one explanation — our bodies were built for movement. And when we jump, we finally get exercise that we need and also positive emotions. If you work out on SkyJumping® trampolines for just a few minutes a day, your health, fitness and mental balance will significantly improve.

Here’s how SkyJumping® influences your health:


Often people who want to work out cannot do it because of allergies. It does not matter what you are allergic to – weather, animals, food — SkyJumping® will help you stay fit without any physical harm. SkyJumping® does not only offer a great full-body workout, but also allows you to take your workout session to a place free of allergens. All trampolines are made of hypoallergenic material; therefore, it is completely safe to use them even for those who have allergies.

Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA) is one of the most common allergy-related issues people face with their workouts. Symptoms can include coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath. SkyJumping® can help people with exercised-induced asthma by giving them the option of bringing their workout indoors on colder, drier days when the symptoms are more likely to occur. Don’t let allergies stand in the way of your health and fitness!

Back Pain

When your back hurts, everything is affected: your energy, your mood, your ability to work…your quality of life. Simple tasks like tying your shoes, carrying groceries, or getting into your car can become painful if not impossible.

SkyJumping® workout is an ideal way to keep your back healthy and strong. Bouncing on the gentle, ultra-elastic bungees will strengthen core muscles, lubricate your joints, and improve balance and coordination. It is an all-in-one solution for keeping you active and keeping your back strong and pain-free.

Stress Relief

It may sound strange to recommend exercise for relaxation, especially to someone who has been on their feet all day, but it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress. Even just few minutes of SKY Jumping® at the end of a hard day can make a big difference to your health and happiness: increasing blood flow to underused muscles, loosening overused ones, and releasing endorphins, our brain’s natural calming aid. Just the act of focusing on a physical task like rebounding clears your head and removes tension more quickly than you would imagine.

One of the pleasant side-effects of exercising on the SKY Jumping® trampolines is that the mere act of bouncing up and down on our trampoline provides immediate relaxation, physical as well as emotional. Our trampolines are built to take stress. Why not give them yours?


SKY Jumping® workouts is not only the best and most convenient way to exercise your heart, it’s also fun. Each jump engages and strengths 638 muscles in your body, as well as your heart, lungs, bones and also lymphatic system. While working out using SKY Jumping® trampolines, your cardiovascular system will be receiving the blood flow and oxygen it needs. You will also be strengthening your muscles, lubricating your joints, improving your balance, stimulating your lymphatic and immune systems.


Type 2 Diabetes, a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. Although the exact cause of diabetes is still unknown, genetic factors, weight issues and physical inactivity have been shown to contribute to the onset and progression of the disease. A SKY Jumping® workout provides the kind of aerobic exercise that helps to prevent diabetes. If you are already suffering from diabetes, exercising on SKY Jumping® trampolines will assists in regulating your insulin levels by lowering blood sugar and increasing your cells’ ability to absorb glucose, both during and after your workout. This effect lasts up to 24 hours, so a gentle, effective and fun daily workout on SKY Jumping®  trampolines will help to keep your blood sugar levels down naturally.

If you have health issues that affect your ability to exercise, be sure to talk to your physician or healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise program. This is particularly important for people with diabetes, since the disease, its side-effects and its treatment can vary so much from person to person.

Immune System

When it comes to aiding the immune system, the SKY Jumping® workouts shine. It provides an exceptional aerobic workout, which is one of the most important components of immune support. Bouncing on the trampoline effectively raises your metabolism and increases your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation. This increased circulatory motion allows lymphocytes and antibodies (your body’s defenders) to move faster, making them more efficient at fighting infections. Stress can also compromise your immune system, and bouncing on a trampoline is a natural stress-reducer. The gentle up and down motion loosens tight muscles and lubricates joints, massaging away your day and helping you to get a better night’s sleep. A SKY Jumping® workout also increases the flow of oxygen throughout your body while releasing endorphins, your body’s natural “feel-good” drug, both of which help to produce a feeling of calm and well-being.

Lymphatic Circulation

Lymphatic system is an important part of immune system. Lymph transports bacteria, toxins, cancer cells and flushes them from your body. SKY Jumping® is one of the best ways to make your lymphatic system work faster and more effectively.

Lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels and organs that recycles body fluid, in the form of “lymph,” as it targets and removes invading bacteria, viruses and waste. It accomplishes this by moving the thick lymph fluid through a filtering process to remove impurities and to allow specialized cells, called “lymphocytes,” the opportunity to attack any harmful organisms. Lymph is pumped by breathing and muscle contraction. Today’s lifestyle, when people don’t move nearly as much as they used to, enhances congestion of lymph fluids. The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise, often increasing lymph flow 10 to 30 fold. SkyJumping® will energize your lymphatic system and will help you stay healthy by flushing toxins, bacteria and waste from your body.


Arthritis is a condition that affects the cartilage between bones. One of its symptoms is joint pain. The reason for this is that arthritis causes the cartilage, a firm but flexible tissue that acts as a protective buffer between bones, to become inflamed and wear away. The loss of cartilage leads to friction between the adjoining bones, wearing them down and causing discomfort or pain for the arthritis sufferer. Exercise can be one of the best treatments for arthritis, which may seem strange when you consider that arthritis is a disease characterized by movement pain. Exercise helps by strengthening the muscles that surround the affected joints, providing additional support and relief for the damaged cartilage. Exercise can also help with weight control, further reducing stress on the joints, as well as providing more energy throughout the day and better rest at night.

Exercising on SkyJumping® trampolines is an ideal solution for most people with arthritis. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline conditions you from the inside out, providing a world-class cardiovascular workout, muscle toning, lymphatic drainage, all while improving balance and strengthening your bones. Because of our unique bungee suspension system, it provides all of these benefits with the least possible stress on your joints and cartilage.


Osteoporosis is a disease that reduces the strength and mass of bones, making them fragile and susceptible to fractures. Although it’s most common in middle-aged and older women, osteoporosis can effect both men and women of any age. Without proper diet and exercise, bone density continues to deteriorate over time. Symptoms may include back pain, a stooped posture, and bone fractures. Bouncing on SkyJumping® trampolines produces gravitational forces that provide the weight bearing force your bones need to build-up and to absorb calcium that is essential for bone density. As good as SkyJumping® is for treating Osteoporosis, it’s even better at preventing it.

Weight Control

SkyJumping® workouts help you to burn calories without overdoing it because it’s so easy to adjust the pace and duration of your exercise. After a SkyJumping® workout, instead of feeling exhausted for the rest of the day, you’ll feel invigorated. And because bouncing on SkyJumping® trampoline is so much fun, and because of the wide range of exercises you can do on it, it’s anything but boring. Studies show that this form of cardiovascular exercise raises your body’s metabolic rate so that you’ll continue to burn calories even after you’ve stopped exercising. This effect can last for up to 24 hours, while you go about the rest of your day or even while you sleep.

The SkyJumping® workouts are your best friend if you want to lose weight, stay in shape, and lead a healthier, more active, more vibrant life.